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CNN Hero Mariuma Ben Yosef

For 32 years, Mariuma Ben Yosef's organization, the Shanti House, has provided a temporary home and long-term support for vulnerable youth in Israel.
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A Cosmic Family

At her Shanti House in Israel, CNN Hero Mariuma Ben Yosef provides the comforts of home to at-risk youth living on their own.
Top 10 CNN Hero Tawanda Jones

It all began with her nomination

Tawanda Jones, a 2013 Top 10 CNN Hero, and the young woman who nominated her reunite to share their CNN Heroes journey -- and reveal what's happened since.
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CNN Heroes: Meet the nominators

How does CNN Heroes find everyday people changing the world? With your help! Meet some of the nominators who got to make their hero a CNN Hero.
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Your hero could be a CNN Hero!

They're your friends, your colleagues, or someone you admire -- and they're doing extraordinary work to help others. Now we need YOU to tell us about them!
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Heroes in the classroom

A 5th grade social studies teacher introduced his class to CNN Heroes. Watch what happened next.
CNN Hero Jennifer Maddox works with kids in her after school program, Future Ties, housed in the Parkway Gardens Homes.

CNN Heroes: Beyond the beat

For more than two decades, CNN Hero Jennifer Maddox has observed the growing plight facing young people on Chicago's South Side. Today, she offers hope.
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CNN Hero Jennifer Maddox

Amid the violence in Chicago, Jennifer Maddox is dedicated to giving young people on the South Side a safe space to learn, grow and succeed.
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CNN Hero Linda Myers

For three decades, Linda Myers and her nonprofit have brought life-saving supplies to an estimated 3,000 elders in need on the Navajo Reservation.
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CNN Heroes: Adopt-A-Native-Elder

CNN Hero Linda Myers shows how her nonprofit helps Native American elders in remote areas of Arizona and Utah stay warm through the winter.
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CNN Hero Leslie Morissette

In memory of her son, Leslie Morissette and her nonprofit help connect sick children to their regular lives through free technology, including robots.
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CNN Heroes: What is a Philbot?

With the help of a robot from CNN Hero Leslie Morissette's nonprofit, one fourth grader stays connected to his school and friends while battling leukemia.


My Hero 

Big Butterfly Count. Butterfly Conservation President Sir David Attenborough with a south east Asian Great Mormon Butterfly on his nose, as he launched the Big Butterfly count at the London Zoo in Regent's Park, London. Picture date: Wednesday July 11, 2012. The Butterfly Conservation's citizen science project aims to chart how common garden butterflies are faring this summer. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire URN:14011191
They're your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, each shows how one person can truly make a difference

From families to fearless activists: MyHero

Over the past three months, CNN Heroes series My Hero has asked CNN correspondents and anchors to illuminate the lives of their personal heroes. Now the series looks back on these inspirational people -- and reveals a host of new, previously unseen heroes.

Desmond Tutu: In his own words

Robyn Curnow first met her hero in the 1980s. The Nobel laureate and anti-Apartheid activist continues to inspire today.

Monley, the boy from the rubble

Anderson Cooper's hero survived for eight days in the rubble of Haiti after a colossal earthquake in 2010. Seven years on he's a beacon of hope.

Elon Musk: A plan for humanity

Elon Musk once lived in a rental office in California and showered at the local YMCA. Now Kristie Lu Stout's hero wants to go to Mars.

The heroes behind the news

My Hero sits down with CNN anchors and correspondents to reflect on the people who have touched their lives -- and demonstrate that heroism has many faces.


Where are they now? 

    2008 Hero of the Year

    Liz McCartney CNN heroes 2008 HOTY_00003907.jpg

    Liz McCartney

    After Hurricane Katrina, Liz McCartney founded SBP, a nationally recognized leader in disaster recovery that has rebuilt nearly 1,200 homes in the U.S.

    2011 Hero of the Year

    Robin Lim CNN heroes 2011 HOTY_00000326.jpg

    Robin Lim

    Robin Lim's organization, Bumi Sehat, was founded in 1995 and has since provided medical care to more than 300,000 expectant mothers and babies in Indonesia and the Philippines.

    2013 Hero of the Year

    hoty pkg chad web _00002613.jpg

    Chad Pregracke

    Chad Pregracke's nonprofit, Living Lands & Waters, has removed millions of pounds of waste, trash and toxic chemicals from rivers across the U.S. Its latest achievement? Planting one million trees.

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